Why should a woman be president

why should a woman be president How many people in the us think a woman, regardless of politics, should not be be president 9 reasons why america should never of a woman as president.

A female ceo in texas has come under fire this week for saying a woman “shouldn’t be president” because of “different hormones” and “biblical sound reasoning” cheryl rios, ceo of dallas marketing and public relations firm go ape marketing, wrote on facebook that she’d move “to canada” if hillary clinton became. Why the next us president should be a woman watching proudly while the 45th president (also a woman) signs an executive order on her first day in office. They all did excellent jobs excellent jobs by what standards and in which country for the record a few years back i am quite sure colombia passed a. “why haven’t we ever had a woman president” spurred by this question from my then 8-year-old daughter, i set out to find the answer by interviewing the most influential journalists, activists, politicians and thought leaders of today, such as sheryl sandberg, maya angelou, gloria steinem, nan. 5 reasons why women should be presidents why women are likely to make better leaders than men so, if we have a woman president we won't have war. When it comes to politics, 61 percent of democrats think the country is ready for a woman president, compared to 48 percent of republicans. 9 reasons why america should never have a female president by michael mccutcheon | april 13, 2015 now that a woman is in the race for president.

Ms cheryl rios, ceo of go ape marketing recently incurred a barrage of criticism when she posted on her personal facebook page her belief that women should not become president of the united states rios said women are not capable of the presidency due to: hormones and a biblical background. With the presidential election right around the corner, there’s been a lot of debate as to whether or not hillary can win if she chooses to run here are four reasons why the next president should be a woman (regardless of whether or not it’s hillary. God might not want a woman to be president, some religious conservatives men and for women that should for a woman president than it would be to. Nowadays, it seems to be quite natural that a woman should be and can potentially be a president, since she does not differ either mentally or morally by irene nilson.

We are at a crisis moment in our country a moment that requires a leader who, at a minimum, isn't deeply depraved, profoundly self-obsessed, and chronically incompetent. Changing views on a female president the question asks: “some people feel that women should have an equal role with men in running business. What does the bible say about women leaders in government should a woman be president should gender play any role in whom we vote for. A woman should be able to be president if she wants to and shereceives the majority of the electoral vote there's nothing sayinga woman can't be a president.

(when pollsters ask, is the us ready for a woman president thats why women are prefered in low level jobs, they work harder than men for less payment. The female business owner whose facebook post went viral earlier this week after she declared that women aren't fit to be president woman should cook.

Women should not be a president because thats not their role women should be protected not put in the heaps of stress and anxiety of a president men go to war, not women because women are delicate and fragile creatures who need to shaded with the protection of a real man. On white nationalist radio show “the political cesspool” on saturday, host james edwards questioned if women should be allowed to vote and suggested that as a woman, hillary clinton should not be president because women can’t even be “the ruler of the house under god’s law.

Why should a woman be president

In addition to the legal reasons why it's way past time for a woman to assume the highest office in the land, there's plenty of evidence to suggest that electing a woman president of the us simply makes good sense. Dallas woman on facebook: “a female shouldn’t be a female shouldn’t be president,” is a direct reasoning why a woman shouldn’t be. A woman should be president because discrimination against women could change a lot it would show a great deal of people that a woman is capable of running a country it could show people throughout the world that if a woman can run a developed country like the united states, a woman can do anything.

  • “a female shouldn’t be president,” is a direct quote from a dallas woman’s facebook page and subsequent interview there's an old fashioned biblical sound reasoning in my mind why a woman shouldn't be president.
  • A women for president essay - a women would make a great president and we need a women president in the united states women still don’t get equal pay, and it would be a stepping stone to see a women president if women can vote for president, there is no reason why they couldn’t be one.
  • Pew asked voters how important the election of a woman president would be historically, regardless of their support for hillary clinton in 2016 six of ten voters reported that electing a woman president would be very or somewhat important, and 38 percent said it would be not too or not at all important.
  • Naturally, the first woman president’s husband, the first first man, might also have a tough time, being perceived in the public eye as a wimp, woos, pansy or, just as likely, he could be faulted as the real power behind the throne, as hillary clinton was.
  • Any woman can become president it feels like a slap to the face of america that so many of our politicians stem from the same family, or that our first female president appears to require a husband who came before her.

Perspective the real reasons we’ve never had a woman president voters hold candidates like hillary clinton and carly fiorina to a stricter standard. Why hasn't there been a woman president this segment was originally broadcast on april 23, 2006 the following is a weekly 60 minutes commentary by cbs news correspondent andy rooney. Margaret chase smith, shirley chisholm, patricia schroeder, elizabeth dole, carol moseley braun these women all have one thing in common—they made unsuccessful bids for the presidency of the united states. A woman for president could do more in giving people what they want in a fair matter eleanor roosevelt is a prime example of why there should be a woman president. Watch video  now that hillary clinton has officially announced she is running for president, it could happen: we could have a female presidentso what should we expect, if she wins here are nine things that will happen if we have a female presid. Laura liswood, of the council of women world leaders, asks why when it comes to female political empowerment why didn't the united states elect a female president.

why should a woman be president How many people in the us think a woman, regardless of politics, should not be be president 9 reasons why america should never of a woman as president.
Why should a woman be president
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